WTF? United Airlines Removes Woman for Misgendering Flight Attendant! (Video)

Written by Sarah Mitchell.

A woman traveling with United Airlines was removed from a flight along with her baby and elderly mother for allegedly misgendering a flight attendant. The woman explained the situation, stating, “I was speaking with the flight attendants and got their pronouns wrong. The other flight attendant didn’t like it.”

Despite apologizing and explaining that she was not well-versed with pronouns, the woman was accused of committing a “hate crime.” Consequently, she was kicked off the flight and informed that she could face a lifetime ban from United Airlines. “They are saying it’s a hate crime and that I might not ever be able to fly United,” she said. “We don’t know how we are going to get back today.”

Adding to the ordeal, the woman mentioned that their luggage, including her essential thyroid medication, was taken on the plane. “I will be very sick without my medication,” she stated, highlighting the severity of the situation.

JK Rowling’s Concerns Over Free Speech

Author JK Rowling has voiced her concerns about the erosion of free speech following the implementation of strict new laws worldwide, particularly focusing on the issue of misgendering. Rowling specifically mentioned Scotland’s new Hate Crime Act, which makes misgendering transgender people a criminal offense.

“Scotland’s Hate Crime Act comes into effect today,” Rowling posted on social media. “Women gain no additional protections, of course, but well-known trans activist Beth Douglas falls within a protected category.” Rowling warned, “Freedom of speech and belief are at an end in Scotland if the accurate description of biological sex is deemed criminal.”

Legal and Public Reactions

Rowling’s defiant stance against the new laws has drawn significant attention. British lawyer Rajan Barot commented on Rowling’s posts, stating, “Today’s posts by [JK Rowling] were calculated to cause maximum impact on a day when a law protecting trans people came into effect in Scotland.”

In response, Rowling acknowledged her deliberate defiance, saying, “Totally agree. I have been DELIBERATELY DEFIANT, in spite of some random bloke’s advice. A full investigation MUST be mounted. #ArrestMe.”

Our Take

The removal of a passenger for misgendering a flight attendant raises serious questions about the balance between protecting individuals from discrimination and preserving free speech. The incident on United Airlines and the implementation of laws like Scotland’s Hate Crime Act highlight the complexities and potential overreach in addressing issues of identity and speech. Ensuring that measures taken to protect individuals do not infringe upon fundamental freedoms is crucial for maintaining a just society.

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