Kamala Harris Mocked for Wearing $60K Necklace During Middle-Class Appeal

Written by Laura Bennett.

Vice President Kamala Harris donned a Tiffany necklace during a CNN interview on Thursday, right after the presidential debate, claiming she and President Biden are champions for the American people. However, her choice of jewelry—a $62,000 necklace—has sparked criticism for being tone-deaf during an appeal to the middle class.

Harris wore the luxury piece, listed at Tiffany & Co., as she discussed the administration’s commitment to the American public. This isn’t the first time she has sported the extravagant necklace. For the 2024 State of the Union address in March, she replaced her usual pearls with the same gold Tiffany necklace, paired with an American flag lapel pin, according to Vogue Magazine.

The Controversial Necklace

The necklace, known as the “Bold Graduated Link Necklace,” is part of Tiffany’s HardWear collection. It features 18k yellow gold and is 19 inches long. Tiffany & Co. describes it as “inspired by a quintessential bracelet from 1962 found in the House’s archives. HardWear embodies enduring resilience and uninhibited spirit.”

Tiffany & Co. adds that the design reimagines their signature gauge links on a larger scale and is expertly crafted in 18k yellow gold for a head-turning look. Harris’s choice to wear this necklace while appealing for votes has certainly turned heads, but not all in her favor.

Public and Political Reaction

Conservative commentator Rob Smith didn’t hold back his criticism, tweeting, “Dems decided to send Kamala Harris out in a $62,000 Tiffany necklace to reassure the middle class that she and the corpse we just saw wheeze through a debate have their best interests at heart!” Similarly, the Twitter page OutSpoken, associated with Log Cabin GOP, mocked Harris’s choice of jewelry. They wrote, “Normally, when called for cleanup duty, you don’t show up in a $60K Tiffany necklace. But Kamala is paving the way.”

Harris appeared on CNN shortly after President Biden, visibly worn down with a raspy voice and slow gait, defended his performance amid calls from his own party for him to step aside. “The Joe Biden 90 is someone who has delivered 800,000 new manufacturing jobs and is bringing manufacturing back to the United States,” Harris said, her expensive necklace clearly visible.

Earlier in the interview, she asserted, “What became very clear through the course of the night is that Joe Biden is fighting on behalf of the American people on substance, on policy, on performance.”

Our Take

Kamala Harris’s decision to wear a $62,000 Tiffany necklace while addressing the middle class underscores a disconnect between the political elite and everyday Americans. This kind of extravagance during a plea for support from average voters reveals a significant lack of awareness. Public servants should prioritize aligning their image with the values and struggles of the people they represent. Lavish displays of wealth only serve to widen the gap between politicians and the public, undermining trust and relatability. Voters deserve leaders who understand and empathize with their daily challenges, not those who flaunt luxury while making empty promises.

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