Biden Throws Hollywood Pal George Clooney Under the Bus!

Written by Mark Collins.

The once amicable relationship between President Joe Biden and Hollywood actor George Clooney took a dramatic turn when Clooney published an op-ed in the New York Times, suggesting Biden should withdraw from the 2024 presidential race. The actor, who had previously supported Biden at a high-profile fundraiser in Los Angeles, cited concerns about the president’s aging and perceived weakness.

In response, the White House launched an unexpected counterattack. According to a CNN report, a Biden official pointed out that Clooney himself seemed diminished at the event, noting that the actor left three hours before the president. This claim was seen as an attempt to contrast Biden’s stamina with Clooney’s early departure.

“The gloves are off,” CNN reporter Kayla Tausche told anchor Jake Tapper, indicating the fierce nature of the White House’s response. Tapper, however, seemed puzzled by the relevance of such a claim, questioning what Clooney’s early departure had to do with Biden’s fitness for office.

White House Defends Biden’s Stamina

The White House’s defense strategy appeared focused on portraying Biden’s stamina as superior to Clooney’s, suggesting that the actor’s early exit meant he didn’t witness the entire event. This narrative was intended to counter Clooney’s op-ed claims that Biden appeared weak and aged during the fundraiser.

Tausche elaborated on the White House’s stance, explaining that the administration wanted to highlight Biden’s endurance compared to Clooney’s. This pushback followed Clooney’s remarks about Biden’s cognitive decline, which have fueled concerns among Democrats about Biden’s ability to defeat former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

Clooney’s op-ed also underscored a broader anxiety within the Democratic Party about Biden’s viability as the nominee. Despite Clooney’s praise for Biden’s past achievements, he expressed doubts about Biden’s current capacity to lead, comparing the president’s present state unfavorably to his performance in previous years.

Growing Calls for Biden to Step Down

Clooney’s public plea is part of a growing chorus of Democrats urging Biden to step aside. They fear that Biden’s cognitive issues, long a topic of discussion among Republicans, are now too evident to ignore. These concerns were exacerbated during a CNN presidential debate where Biden’s mental sharpness was called into question.

In his op-ed, Clooney reminisced about the energetic Biden of past years, lamenting that the president he saw at the recent fundraiser was a shadow of his former self. “The Joe Biden I saw was not the dynamic leader of 2010 or even 2020,” Clooney wrote, reflecting a sentiment shared by many within the party.

Despite these growing concerns and public outcries, Biden has remained resolute. He has declared that only divine intervention could compel him to exit the race, a stance that underscores his determination to continue his campaign.

Our Take

The public feud between Biden and Clooney is a troubling sign for the Democratic Party. It reveals deep-seated anxieties about Biden’s capacity to lead and raises questions about the administration’s defensive tactics. The White House’s attempt to undermine Clooney’s credibility by pointing to his early departure from a fundraiser seems petty and misses the larger issue at hand: the president’s apparent cognitive decline.

This kind of infighting does nothing to strengthen the party’s position against a formidable opponent like Donald Trump. Instead, it highlights a lack of unity and a desperation to maintain a faltering campaign. For the sake of the nation, it’s crucial that Democrats address these concerns transparently rather than resorting to petty rebuttals.

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