Biden Stops Aid For Israel Because He’s Down In Polls. Why Was Trump Impeached Again?

Written by Caleb Warner.

Did President Joe Biden just commit an impeachable offense? Past claims by Democrats against then-President Donald Trump seem to suggest so. Last week, Biden halted a shipment of American-made weapons destined for Israel, stirring concerns within Israel about the motivations behind the aid stoppage. This decision was first reported by Axios last Sunday and has raised many eyebrows.

This action coincides with Biden facing widespread and violent protests for his previous support of the Jewish state. Across multiple universities, students are voicing their dissent. Some might choose to protest by abstaining from voting in the 2024 general elections, others might escalate their demonstrations to the Democratic National Convention. This presents a clear image of the challenges in Biden’s leadership and re-election campaign.

Echoes of the Past

The current blockade mirrors accusations that were made by Democrats against Trump in 2019. They pursued impeachment articles over an alleged plan to withhold U.S. funding from Ukraine unless an investigation into Biden was initiated. At that time, then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi criticized Trump’s actions as an act of corruption and abuse of power, highlighting a breach of ethical standards and constitutional responsibilities.

Fast forward to 2024, Biden finds himself in a similar quandary due to his previous support for Israel. The halt in aid, as reported by Axios, is notably the first since October 7—when, according to reports, Hamas terrorists unleashed severe violence against Israeli civilians. The lack of a response from both the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office only adds to the complexity and urgency of the situation.

Political Ramifications

In a bipartisan effort, lawmakers approved $95 billion in foreign aid last month, which included significant portions for Ukraine, Israel, and even the Hamas-governed Gaza Strip. The decision by 88 Democratic members of Congress last Friday demanding the U.S. cease aid to Israel came amid allegations of Israel obstructing U.S. aid to Palestinians in Gaza. This has put Biden in a difficult position, caught between international obligations and domestic pressures.

House Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan has openly criticized the Biden administration for putting a hold on a shipment of U.S.-made ammunition to Israel, calling it an abandonment of a key U.S. ally. This strong stance from a leading Republican underscores the potential for this issue to ignite further partisan debates as the 2024 elections draw nearer.

Our Take

The actions taken by President Biden may reflect a strategic political move in the face of domestic unrest and an upcoming election. However, they also highlight a potential inconsistency in U.S. foreign policy that merits scrutiny. While avoiding the charged language of the past, it’s crucial to consider whether these decisions align with the ethical and constitutional duties of the presidency. The implications of these decisions extend beyond domestic politics, impacting international relations and perceptions of U.S. reliability and consistency on the global stage.

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