President Trump’s Orders Ignored: Pentagon Blocked National Guard on J6, Despite Orders From Trump!

Written by Michael Thompson.

The Pentagon prevented the deployment of the D.C. National Guard during the January 6 Capitol riot, despite former President Donald Trump’s direct orders for their mobilization. Since when can the military disobey an order, especially from the Commander-in-Chief?

Whistleblowers Reveal Intervention

Next week, three National Guard officers will testify before a House subcommittee, challenging the narrative established by the Democrat-led January 6 committee. These officers claim they were ready to act but were held back due to Pentagon interference.

Delayed Response Explored

Testimonies will focus on then-Acting Defense Secretary Christopher Miller’s initial approval of the deployment, which was later overridden by United States Army directives. According to whistleblower accounts, then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy delayed the transmission of official deployment orders to D.C. National Guard Commander William Walker by two crucial hours.

Faulty Communication or Intentional Delay?

The hearing, titled “Three Years Later: D.C. National Guard Whistleblowers Speak Out on January 6 Delay,” aims to dissect the breakdown in communication that led to the delayed response. It is speculated that McCarthy, seeking favor with the incoming Biden administration, manipulated the timing to avoid the appearance of interference in the electoral certification.

Congressional Oversight and Investigation

This subcommittee hearing represents a critical counterpoint to the January 6 committee’s findings, which primarily held Trump and his supporters accountable for the events. Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-Ga.), chair of the Oversight Subcommittee, emphasizes the importance of these whistleblower testimonies, which contradict the established accusations against Trump.

Our Take

The revelations from this upcoming hearing could significantly reshape public understanding of the events surrounding January 6. It appears that internal dynamics within the Pentagon and potential political motivations played a significant role in how the National Guard’s response was managed. This hearing not only promises to unveil new dimensions of the January 6 incident but also underscores the need for transparency and accountability at all levels of government. If the testimonies prove accurate, they could vindicate Trump’s actions on that day, highlighting a stark misuse of power by bureaucratic entities to shape political outcomes.

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