Business Owners Decry Biden’s Work Permit Policy For Illegal Aliens

Written by Matthew Collins.

Business owners are voicing strong objections to President Biden’s recent decision to issue work permits to new migrants. If the economy and inflation aren’t bad enough, this new decree is just beyond the pale.

Controversial Work Permit Expansion

In a move that has sparked considerable backlash, President Biden’s administration announced last September that it would extend work permits and deportation protections to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelan migrants and thousands of Afghan nationals. This policy includes individuals who are in the U.S. illegally, amid a historic influx at the southern border.

Local Business Owners React

Chicago restaurant owner Sam Sanchez expressed his frustration to The New York Times, criticizing the administration for prioritizing new migrants over long-standing immigrants and employees. As a member of the National Restaurant Association’s board, Sanchez’s concerns reflect a broader sentiment among business owners who see this policy as unfair to those who have contributed to the U.S. economy for decades.

Immigrant Community Concerns

Long-term immigrants in the U.S. also shared their grievances, highlighting the perceived injustice in the administration’s approach. A worker named Juan voiced his disappointment, underscoring the difficulties faced by those who have attempted to navigate the immigration system lawfully for years, only to feel overlooked by recent policy shifts.

Latino Voters’ Perspective

Eduardo Gamarra, a professor at Florida International University, has conducted polls revealing that many Latino voters are critical of the administration’s favoritism towards new arrivals. This demographic, which often includes individuals who were once undocumented themselves, typically advocates for respecting legal immigration pathways and prioritizes fairness in immigration policies.

Political and Civic Pressure

Meanwhile, leaders from sanctuary cities like Chicago and New York City are pressing for even broader authorizations. Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson and New York City Mayor Eric Adams are advocating for the extension of work permits for all illegal immigrants currently in the U.S., arguing that failing to do so could lead to job losses and economic downturns in their cities.

Editorial Critique

The Chicago Sun Times editorial board recently condemned the expansive nature of these proposed work permits. They argue that such policies could exacerbate the chaos at the southern border and compound political challenges for President Biden, particularly as the policy may not hold up under legal scrutiny.

Our Take

President Biden’s decision to grant work permits to hundreds of thousands of new migrants, including those illegally present, undermines the principles of legal immigration and fairness. This policy not only disrespects the contributions of long-standing immigrant workers but also jeopardizes the integrity of our immigration system. Effective reform should focus on strengthening border security and creating a fair, structured pathway to citizenship for those who have shown dedication to legal processes. The administration must reconsider its stance and develop solutions that uphold American values and respect the efforts of all immigrants striving to achieve the American dream.

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