Donald Trump Vindicated! Georgia Election Board Confirms 2020 Election Violations! (Video)

Written by Jonathan Clark.

The Georgia State Election Board’s recent admission confirms violations in the 2020 election. As always, Donald Trump was right by calling out election rigging in Georgia.

Startling Admission from Georgia Officials

A revelatory letter from the Georgia State Election Board has finally acknowledged breaches of election law during the 2020 presidential election, supporting long-standing claims of irregularities. This formal admission places the 2020 electoral processes in Georgia under intense scrutiny, directly contradicting previous assertions that the election was devoid of fraud.

Detailed Findings and Upcoming Review

The letter, addressed to Joseph Rossi, confirms that his allegations of election fraud are classified as valid violations following a thorough investigation by seasoned professionals. These findings are set to be discussed in a board meeting at the Georgia State Capitol on May 7, 2024. Rossi’s specific complaint, known as SEB2023-25, points to significant discrepancies in both hand and machine counts in Fulton County during the election.

Broader Implications and Public Reaction

The timing of this disclosure, emerging just months before the 2024 presidential election, raises questions about potential motives. Public commentators on platforms like X have voiced skepticism, suggesting that the late acknowledgment of these issues might be strategically aimed at minimizing impact or altering future elections. Critics have lambasted the establishment in Washington, D.C., particularly in light of former Attorney General Bill Barr’s dismissal of election security concerns.

Concerns About Future Elections and Legal Challenges

This news has sparked a mix of vindication and concern among observers, with some worrying that despite the board’s admission, little will change. The discussions extend to the implications for ongoing legal actions against former President Donald Trump, with suggestions that any charges related to election fraud claims could be undermined by these admissions. Additionally, there’s speculation about the potential political maneuvers to prevent Trump from running in 2024 by retroactively declaring his victory in 2020, thus rendering a 2024 campaign a third term, which would be unconstitutional.

Our Take

The Georgia State Election Board’s acknowledgment of wrongdoing in the 2020 election is a significant development that demands serious attention. This situation not only highlights the critical need for transparency and integrity in our electoral processes but also underscores the potential manipulations for political gain. As we approach another election cycle, ensuring the security and fairness of our elections should be a paramount concern, not just in Georgia but across the nation. This incident should serve as a wake-up call to all Americans about the fragility of our democratic systems and the relentless vigilance required to protect them from both negligence and exploitation.

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