National Guard Whistleblowers Allege Pentagon Delay on Jan. 6

Written by Johnathan Smith.

Whistleblowers from the DC National Guard have raised serious allegations against Pentagon officials over the January 6, 2021 Capitol disturbance.

Delayed Response Accusations

During a Congressional hearing on Wednesday, four National Guard whistleblowers testified about a significant delay orchestrated by Pentagon leaders during the Capitol riots. They detailed a delay of three hours and nineteen minutes from the request for deployment to their arrival at the Capitol, despite prior authorization from President Donald Trump to have 10,000 National Guardsmen ready to address any violence.

Conflicting Testimonies on Pentagon Orders

Testimonies revealed discrepancies in the actions of then-Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Army Lieutenant General Charles Flynn. Whistleblower Timothy Nick, a Secret Service agent, stated that contrary to McCarthy’s claim of ordering the DC National Guard to deploy at a 2:31 p.m. conference call, McCarthy was actually away, assisting the FBI. Nick further disputed McCarthy’s claims of multiple communications with Major General William Walker, the commanding general of the DC National Guard.

Lieutenant General Flynn’s Controversial Role

Nick also corrected previous statements made by Flynn regarding his participation in the critical 2:31 p.m. call. According to Nick, Flynn was not only present on the call but actively discouraged deploying the National Guard due to concerns about the “optics” of sending Guardsmen to the Capitol. This hesitation, Nick suggested, influenced the decision to delay the deployment.

Impact of the Delay

The delay had severe consequences, according to the whistleblowers. They believe that the timely deployment of the National Guard could have significantly mitigated the violence and restored order much faster. The late response contributed to the chaos and injuries among both civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Our Take

The testimony of the DC National Guard whistleblowers presents troubling questions about the Pentagon’s handling of the January 6 events. If these allegations are true, such actions by senior defense officials not only compromised the safety of the Capitol but also failed the very principles of duty and leadership they are sworn to uphold. This scenario underscores the need for transparency and accountability within our national security agencies to ensure that all actions are aligned with safeguarding our nation’s institutions and citizens. The integrity of our defense leadership is crucial, and any deviations from this standard must be addressed promptly and rigorously.

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